It’s a Damn Shame

It’s a Damn Shame

Commentary by: Bill the Butcher

A mistake that a lot of songwriters make is not stepping back and thinking about what they’re really trying to say. They get caught up in the melody, the meter, and the rhyme, and in the end the song runs out of time.

At forty-nine million views on YouTube alone Oliver Anthony has shown that he doesn’t suffer from this problem. His message is simple, and to the point. The winds of destiny don’t blow, they suck! With his Dobro guitar and dog, his stage a back yard, and a simple driving message that resounded in the hearts and minds of people who would never have spoken to each other before, he has exposed what humanity is realizing. The bottom is not near as far away as it was just twenty years ago. And it’s a damn shame!

Even during the debate last week, the candidates that included millionaires and at least one billionaire rose to the occasion to announce that they were with him and, of course, they had a solution to the problem. No, they don’t. They ARE the problem! Ever since Bidenomics America has been in decline . . . and it’s a damn shame!

He didn’t attack Joe Biden. He didn’t name anyone. He called out a system that thrives on the blood, sweat, and tears of the people who go out every day to pay into it in the vain hope that perhaps things will get better if they just pay, pray, and obey! And maybe the masters will look away just long enough for them to snatch a few crumbs that fall from the table. And it’s a damn shame!

The paradox is that Anthony’s very fame, and the success of his song is at the mercy of a corporate entity that can pull the plug and ban his work in a blink of an eye without reason or pause. Community standards! Community standards are fluid. They change at the whim of the platform. A simple song with a poignant message can become history in a moment. And it’s a damn shame!

Some folks pray for a rapture. The return of Jesus to set this to right. Some just accept the current condition of society as something we have to live with. Or die with and be glad we’re dead. Some, in their delusion think this one song will spark a change, an awakening of the human consciousness that will bind the “Rich Men North of Richmond.” But it won’t! And that’s a damn shame.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if it did? Wouldn’t it be spectacular if a torch was lit that spread to the world, and people spilled into the streets demanding truth, justice and an end to the shadow slavery we all suffer from? And from that a real New World Order rose up where nations were sovereign and there were no lawyers or politicians or “experts” monitoring our every move? We are over the valley and through the woods from this world. And it’s a damn shame!

We didn’t get here overnight, and we won’t be able to fix it overnight. If we can fix it at all. There’s just so much! Why do you think you run out of money before you run out of month. And the banks won’t let you have your money anyway! Why do you think that hamburger Burger King served you was made from cancerous cows? Because it grows faster in the labs! Where do you think COVID and all its derivatives REALLY came from, and why are we on booster number whatEVER while people who took the so-called vaccine are still getting sick, sicker, and sickest? And it’s a damn shame!

The collapse of world civilization is so rampant the rich are trying to move to Mars. Come to think of it, that might not be a bad idea. And this IS a world problem as proven by the international success of “Rich Men North of Richmond.” I’m a capitalist. I believe a person should strive for success. I don’t think there should be a cap on free enterprise. But when the upper crust is basking in the sun, and the lower crust subsists on slop there will be a reckoning. History is full of French Revolutions, and Civil Wars, and wannabe Messiahs promising Rainbow Stew that ends up being bullion. And it starts all over again. And it’s a damn shame!

Is the best we can hope for is praying to live in the afterglow of some great political upheaval? And hoping we grow old and die before some clever “leader” comes along to show us a better way. Jesus told us the poor will always be with you. But I don’t think He meant for everyone to be poor. Muslims give to beggars because they believe Allah hears their prayers first. Society will always be stratified, but there should be a comfortable place for everyone. And we’re gonna get there. Just as soon as we’re extinct! And it’s a damn shame.




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