Marxist Communism, & the Puppet Masters That Control Us

Marxist Communism, & the Puppet Masters That Control Us

By TLB Contributing Author: Ken LaRive

Stirring the pot …

Some people feel threatened by President Trump, and belittle him at every turn. They say they don’t like his mannerisms, his twittering, his attitude, but what they fear and distrust about him runs deep… They are terrified of the changes they can not grasp, and the multifaceted influences he might have on their lives.

To the Masters of our Universe, he seems to be a dynamic threat to their power and control, and though some say he is an extension of it, the majority of America voted him in to utterly destroy what they are now calling, ‘The Deep State.’ He does, and most all will agree, have a profound talent. and proclivity, for getting things done, and it is evident after his first (almost) two years in office that his methods are that of a businessman, not a politician. One thing we must consider, however, is that President Trump has not just a swath of American supporters, but also a  well-hidden enclave of power brokers. No person could be president otherwise. He also had the spectacular influence of The Zionist State of Israeli brokers from AIPAC, and the promises he made to them are manifesting in the fact that the US has moved its embassy to Jerusalem. Without that promise, the laurels of the Presidency would have been thwarted. The enemies have flooded through the gates of Europe, and that malignancy is growing.

Look, nothing up my sleeve…

Seems one of his greatest talents is his ability to stir the pot. He knows how to get the goat of his enemies, who seem formidable. He uses a wide and long paddle that stirs deep, to the very core, and what he is dredging up from the burned bottom of that caldron has not seen the light of day in a hundred years, or more.

The men behind the curtain are clamoring, trying to remain unidentified, but the spotlight is gleaming, and investigations are multiplying in like kind.  Note: I have a reliable source whom I have spoken with at length just last night and he is emphatic that: 

I have a viable contact that tells me Mueller has about 3000 sealed indictments ready to administer. “There will be people in handcuffs being escorted out of Congress. But know this, there is a coup going on, a purge, but so far we can not yet determine what it will be displaced with…”

What is being displayed so far, in that thick gumbo, that our masters are so  desperately trying to hide by lighting distracting fires in every direction, will not curtail the truth from rising to the surface. There is an accountability coming.

Finally, people are seeing how our country and our minds, no longer belongs to them, and what is called The Deep State, The Swamp, is responsible. The curtain is being pushed aside, and President Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do. He is not twittering to the Deep State, but to the American people. He is being accountable, and it will be a cascade that will eventually, increment by increment, reach to the very Puppet Masters that reach us from abroad, and those who helped them, will hang for it.

Only one other President had that conviction, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He was brutally murdered, and what he was working on was reversed by the Progressive Coup that took over this country, where Progressive Socialism, and Marxist Communism has worked tirelessly to undermine our Constitutional Republic ever since.  This is the last stand without bloodshed.

If, heaven forbid, President Trump is thwarted, and in any way… what will follow will be a second American Revolution.

Here’s looking at you kid…

Give me Liberty, or give me death… I don’t need your damned Democracy, or what you call freedom. I want my Civil Liberties restored,  and my Constitutional Republic based on Law, that is my American heritage. That sir, is God given, and you can not touch it… We the People are coming for you, and God help you if you do harm to us on your way out. We will crush you like the roaches you are. Yea, God Bless America!

The American Dream

Author’s Note:

God, I am so stupid! Soon after 57 thousand of my brothers died fighting Communism in Vietnam, these damn Progressive Zionist Bastards in the American media were romanticizing the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia where close to 30 million died, creating the USSR.  I was so damned blind. Two years of my life, drafted in a war they designed, and destined to fail. We lost, but the Military Industrial Complex flourished, and bankers made money promoting both sides… that is the damn deep state Mr. Trump. That is the puppet masters.

Here is their Propaganda film: REDS 1981


Ken LaRive

From the Author, Ken LaRive – We in the Liberty movement have been fighting to take back this country for less than a decade, peacefully and with the love of God and country in our hearts. Our banner has been trampled on and displaced by a multitude of distractions, further eroding our nation and the cause for Liberty. And so, as we are pulled by forces we cannot fathom, powerful entities with unlimited resources stolen from our future, unaccountable trillions printed out of thin air and put on our backs as debt, we must formulate the most pitiful of all questions any patriot might ask in the final hour: Are we going to fight for our master’s tyranny, or are we going to demand the return of our civil liberties and Constitution? Are we going to choose The Banner of Liberty, or the shackles of voluntary servitude? Will it be a war for corporate profit, or a war to regain our ability to self govern, as the blood and toil of our forefathers presented to us, their children, as a gift? I fear that decision is emanate. I fear that any decision will be a hard one, but my greatest fear of all is that the decision has already been made for us. 

Ken LaRive – FacetsIt’s a simple but beautiful metaphor. Our soul is likened to an uncut diamond, pure, perfect, and unrealized. Each learned experience cleaves a facet on its face, and leaves it changed forever. Through this facet, this clear window, new light, new questions and ideas take shape and form. This process is our reason for being …

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