Trump Is Winning Ugly: Commentary

Trump Is Winning Ugly

By: Joseph Zrnchik

I had previously written an article detailing how the media was destroying political discourse due to the fact that it has become little more than a propaganda arm of globalists and corporatists directing a disinformation campaign against the American people. In fact, I had deliberately voted for Trump specifically because he proved himself willing and able to challenge both the political and media establishment. Now I can clearly see that Trump is exactly the man for this time and place in history.

While Trump has been criticized for his ego, I postulate that this type of ego is exactly what was needed to take on and defeat the deep state, the political elites, globalist operatives and a sycophant media. Trump’s ego is so big that often his genius, shrewdness and cunning are underestimated by his enemies due to their own egotism and an envious disrespect for Trump’s tenacity and courage demonstrated by his refusal to back down from a challenge.

All the Dems laughed as Trump destroyed his fellow Republican candidates that the GOP establishment had termed as being a “deep bench”, confident that Trump would self-destruct as spectacularly in the general election as he had destroyed the GOP field in the primary.

Obama mocked Trump by saying he would never be president and then laughed at the GOP’s supposed disarray while Trump spent only a fraction of what Hillary and the DNC pumped into the election to decisively beat her. Obama promised to support the next president “no matter who she was.” Obama again mocked Trump saying it was “impossible to hack an election” and that “no serious or credible person” would even make a statement such as that. Obama went on to further admonish Trump by telling him to quit whining and start campaigning.  See Obama make a fool of himself here.

CNN then went on to announce that Trump had no way forward in his election campaign four weeks before the election and kept telling the American people that Hillary would win with 95% surety. They maintained this meme up until everyone in the country knew it to be a lie.

Obama also alluded to Trump being weak by saying he was not tough enough to handle the job. However, Trump has shown he is not only tough enough to handle the job, but can also take on the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ, the State Department, the Pentagon, the globalists, the DNC, the RNC, the media, and the Obama and Clinton crime cartel and have a good time while doing it. Trump has not only shown he has the toughness to take them all on, but he has shown again and again he has the intelligence and cunning to beat them at their own game.

After Hillary lost the election, she had a difficult time accepting the fact that most Americans knew she was a crook, a liar, and a psychopath. She could not only not accept defeat, but she proved herself willing to wage a scorched Earth policy utilizing Obama holdovers in the DOJ and FBI to wage a treasonous propaganda campaign against Trump that has backfired so violently that it has exposed what most thought to be merely irony and absurdity to now understand it as treason and the crudest, most cynical and farcical exercise of political and legal self-immolation that could never have been devised by even the most devious and twisted mind. When one steps back and examines and understands what is happening, they will come to realize they are looking at a historically unprecedented epic blunder of overextension and miscalculation caused by greed and arrogance.  The deep state overestimated its power while thinking its medacity could never be discovered or exposed by the peoples’ representatives to whom they are finding they are subordinate, much to their chagrin.

Think about it. Trump has exposed the deep state and has discredited it to such an extent that the FBI and DOJ now stand naked and exposed for the corrupt, politicized, abusive, partisan and inept organizations the perceptive always knew them to be. Those with some understanding always knew the FBI to be organizationally what Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe are individually- powerful, arrogant, mostly unaccountable and stupid.

While even Trey Gowdy sings the praises of the DOJ and FBI, there are those of us who remember the FBI torture and murder of Kenneth Trentadue in a case of mistaken identity that was covered up by Eric Holder. The FBI thought that Kenneth Trentadue was John Doe #2 in the OKC bombing that occurred under Operation Patriot Conspiracy. All prison logs and blood evidence were scrubbed and destroyed and justice was institutionally obstructed. So contempt of the constitution, perjury, evidence tampering and obstruction of justice is nothing new to the FBI, not to memtion the tortue and murder. Unfortunately for the FBI leadership, this time they decided to mess with the wrong guy, one who is not impressed by them especially when they act as a cabal of Hillary-worshipping treasonous liars. Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, John Ratcliffe, Darrell Issa, Chuck Grassley and Trey Gowdy are all holding FBI’s Director Wray’s feet to the fire.

Partisan FBI agents weren’t just satisfied with being able to obstruct justice in the Clinton email scandal in which tens of thousands of emails were destroyed along with handfuls of Blackberry phones and computer hard drives, but they also wanted the power to politically and legally destroy anyone who stood in the way of a Clinton election victory.

While Hillary Clinton ran the State Department, the Clinton Foundation raked in literally billions of dollars. The State Department allowed Clinton to then destroy all the emails and schedules that clearly demonstrated quid pro quo and direct correlations between donors and their receiving State Department action.

Not only did the State Department do that, but the DOJ and FBI slapped a nondisclosure order on a witness to prevent Congress from learning about bribes, money laundering, racketeering and blackmail in relation to the Clinton Foundation getting $150 million as Hillary’s State Department approved a deal in which Uranium One was allowed to be purchased by Rosatom, a Putin-controlled business, effectively placing Putin in control of 20% of all US uranium deposits.

After Hillary having had promised Obama she would separate the Clinton Foundation from the State Department, the foundation went on to collect nearly $2 billion as donors received weapons deals, favorable legislation, special access and assorted business deals. Now that Clinton has no influence, donations to the foundation dropped to nothing and much of the foundation has ceased to exist.

It seems the DOJ and the FBI were perfectly prepared to allow Hillary to continue her global crime spree even if it meant engaging in politically motivated prosecutions and engaging in obstruction of justice thereby ensuring her crimes could continue while being hidden.

After Trump won the election, Clinton seemed obsessed with calling attention to a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a female Russian lawyer who promised to give the Trump team dirt on Hillary Clinton. The meeting was inconsequential. No dirt on Hillary ever came out as a result of the meeting. The Russian attorney claims the meeting was an offer to provide dirt on Hillary in exchange for help in getting the Magnitsky Act repealed.

While Hillary claims she had nothing to do with the Uranium One deal because she did not approve it herself, she suddenly wants everyone to buy into the belief that Don Jr. could personally get the Magnitsky Act dropped all by himself in exchange for getting some dirt on Clinton of dubious value, as if everyone didn’t already know Hillary was a crook.

But, considering Hillary paid foreigners to gather opposition research provided by Russian intelligence agents who were paid with funds provided by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, which we later learned was one in the same, how is it wrong for Trump Jr. to take a meeting in which nothing of value was promised or exchanged?  Yet, Hillary can launder $10 million through a law firm to do exactly what she accused Trump of doing.  How many millions of dollars of Trump and GOP money made it into  the hands of foreign agents?  Trump did nothing? Let’s not forget the fact that there was no Hillary dossier gathered from Russian intelligence agents by Trump.

Which brings us to the next question. How did everyone know about the Trump Jr. – Russian attorney meeting? Well, it seems Hillary got John McCain to turn the Russian dossier, she paid a foreigner $12 million for, over to the FBI. Then, a group of anti-Trump pro-Clinton FBI partisans, who in emails stated they needed to “protect America from Trump”, “could smell Trump supporters at Wal-Mart” called the Trump family “douche bags”, and admitted in emails that they had a plan that was an “insurance policy” as Peter Strzok, a counter-intelligence agent with the FBI made treasonous statements of being able to “protect the country from Trump at many different levels”. This same Peter Strzok changed the FBI report verbiage in an attempt to exonerate Clinton of crimes in relation to her email scandal. An FBI Inspector General’s investigation showed Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, an attorney for the FBI, relied on work phones to try to hide their romance from their respective spouses and made the bureau’s probe of Clinton’s private email server their cover story for being in such close contact, according to people familiar with the matter. This same Peter Strzok took the Russian/Trump dossier that was bought from Russian agents by Hillary, dressed it up and put a gold ring on a pig’s nose so he could pass it off as legitimate FBI intelligence to a FISA court so as to get wire surveillance on everyone working for the Trump campaign and transition team. Strzok has, since being discovered, filed his resignation with the FBI.

Another Trump investigator working for the DOJ and FBI, Agent Robert Ohr, was demoted after it was discovered that he hid the fact that he secretly met with Fusion GPS and also hid the fact that his wife worked on helping to put the Trump dossier together for Fusion GPS and was compensated many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As if all this was not enough to taint the FBI investigation, Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director of the FBI, who was also working with this cabal investigating Trump, met with Peter Strzok and Lisa Page to strategize how they could formulate an “insurance policy” to attack Trump in the event he won the election. This plot was also discovered and exposed through the FBI’s Inspector General investigation. The FBI IG also discovered that McCabe’s wife had received over $500,000 from long-time Clinton confidant Democratic West Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. It is so well known about McAuliffe’s connection to Clinton that McCabe has now chosen to retire. He is now being investigated by the Inspector General of the FBI and is being subpoenaed by numerous legislative oversight committees for his failure to disclose his connection to the Clintons and his conspiracy to attack Trump.

While Special Investigator Robert Mueller and Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein assert that there are no conflicts of interest that were severe enough to warrant a special investigation of the Trump investigators, or misconduct that would taint the Trump investigation, neither Comey, Ohr, McCabe, Strzok or Rosenstein will answer questions put to them by congress or the FBI Inspector General. This has led to subpoenas being issued with threats of Contempt of Congress charges for any further obstruction.

The questions various agents are being asked do not imperil or undermine the FBI investigation into Trump-Russian collusion, but seek to verify who submitted the discredited Trump dossier to the FISA Court, a dossier paid for by Clinton, to obtain wiretaps on the Trump transition team and administration. This leaves one to ask: How is a meeting by Trump Jr. which amounted to absolutely nothing a case of collusion or treason, but a dossier obtained from Russia containing nothing but lies which is used as fake intelligence and then misrepresented to a FISA Court to spy on the President and engage in treason. When President Trump stated he was being spied upon the media engaged in a 3-week disinformation campaign in an attempt to discredit Trump, but once again he turns out to be right beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.

The mainstream media has absolutely lost its mind. It refuses to report on even the most obvious misdeeds by Clinton and her minions, holdovers from the Obama administration, openly engaging in usurping the presidency by leaking false information to the media. Meanwhile, everyone later finds out that the FBI and DOJ hid documents and then lied about their existence relating to Bill Clinton confronting Loretta Lynch on an airport tarmac during the whitewash of the Clinton email server crimes. How much was this mentioned by the MSM? Nada, zippo, zilch.

While the media is rabidly ant-Trump, often times Trump was shrewd enough to use this to his advantage. There was no funnier example of Trump making the media look like idiots than when he called a press conference he claimed was to make a statement regarding Obama’s citizenship. The media bit on it hook, line and sinker. After using the media frenzy to make an exhibit of his receiving numerous endorsements, Trump then said he believed Obama was a citizen and correctly reminded everyone that the issue of Obama’s citizenship was brought up by Hillary during her primary when she ran against Obama. He then thanked everyone for coming. The media stood stunned and played for the very fool they tried to play Trump as. It was classic Trump giving the media what it was trying to serve him.

As it now stands the Clinton cabal within the FBI has been exposed. Trump can now order Jeff Sessions to open an investigation by the FBI given what the Inspector General has now confirmed and is further investigating. Trump now has various oversight committees demanding answers to their questions, under the penalty of Contempt of Congress, answers that will be embarrassing and revealing. What will be revealed is how this whole fiasco was a criminally contrived by Clinton, Obama and their impeccably placed deep state partisans and globalist media arm using a dossier that its author Christopher Steele has now been publicly disavowing since being hit with libel lawsuits. This Clinton-contrived dossier was used by her sycophantic followers to open up an investigation that has gone nowhere after a year of work and many millions of dollars wasted.

The Never-Trumpers want to cite supposed violations of the Logan Act because Trump told Lt. Gen. Flynn to tell the Russians to not retaliate against the US for Obama expelling Russian diplomats. So, how exactly does telling a supposed enemy to not take adverse retaliatory action against the US equate to treason, or for that matter even hurt the country?

Trump was not a private citizen carrying out a private foreign policy. He was the president-elect implementing a foreign policy he ran on and was elected for, so to use the words of Comey – “no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute this case”.

How is it Comey and Mueller think Trump should be prosecuted for beginning to implement his foreign policy as president-elect, but yet believe Hillary should not be prosecuted for hiding and destroying emails, hard drives, Blackberry phones, appointment schedules showing quid pro quo with her customers buying foreign policy at the State Department, allowing foreign actors access to top secret and above top secret special action programs, illegally removing email and the allowing those emails to end up on convicted sex offender Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer? How do people think Hillary ended up with $2 billion in her foundation? It sure was not the result of doing any work. Yet Comey thinks no prosecutor would prosecute Hillary while Peter Strzok and Andy McCabe go out of their way to entrap 3-star General Flynn.

How amazing it is that the FBI, under Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein and Strzok, granted everyone from Hillary’s team amnesty, failed to record any interviews, and allowed witnesses and attorneys of targets of the investigation to sit in on witness interviews so that all could coordinate their alibis and not get caught in a perjury trap of the type in which they had ensnared Lt. Gen Flynn? Former Deputy Directors of the FBI stated what they allowed in the Hillary email server investigation is simply unprecedented in the annals of all FBI history.

The next thing the Never-Trumpers cling to is the fact the DNC claims Russia hacked the DNC. Yet, intelligence experts concluded that it was not a hack because computer forensic experts have universally agreed that the only way the entire DNC server could have been downloaded at the speed it was was if the download occurred within the system using a usb drive. While it seems the DNC alleging that the Russians hacked the DNC would give this allegation some legitimacy, Donna Brazile, the DNC Chairwoman, exposed the fact that Clinton completely took over the DNC early in the primary and put the fix in against Bernie Sanders. So it should come as no surprise that the DNC came to the same self-serving conclusion as had Hillary Clinton because they were one in the same.

Clinton then refused to allow the FBI to examine the DNC computers, but instead hired a DNC connected computer firm, Crowd Strike, paying them many tens of thousands of dollars to come to the conclusion that Hillary wanted and paid for extravagantly. Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, a group of retired CIA, NSA and FBI officials, all stated unanimously that the DNC computer breach was not a hack. But, in the politicized world of partisan skullduggery those without an ideological agenda are usually distrusted by both sides and ignored because the biggest fear in politics is that truth might rear its ugly head.

What is amazing about this whole Trump investigation situation is that none of this would be occurring if Sessions hadn’t recused himself only because he supported Trump during the election and was therefore worried about the appearance of impropriety. Yet, those highly partisan political hacks that make up Mueller’s team have been so intent on wreaking havoc upon the Trump presidency that reason and logic have gone out the window. While Sessions recused himself he has allowed Hillary partisans to engage in outright conspiracy and treason, directly exposed in email, while refusing to order the FBI to make documents and witnesses available to numerous senatorial and congressional oversight committees thereby committing treason to the US Constitution and allowing partisan deep state actors to subvert democracy itself. The FBI is not a law onto itself and does not get to decide for itself with which law it will comply and which witness or documents it will provide to any particular legislative oversight committee. The US Constitution says these committees will get it all. It is ironic that the FBI believes it does not have to obey the law and can obstruct justice and oversight.

Another absurdity espoused by Clinton is that Russia stole the election from Hillary and thus interfered in the US election by buying Facebook and Twitter adds. Clinton’s experts have placed the amount of money spent on social media by groups peripherally connected to Russia at $300,000. The overall money spent by both Clinton and Trump was $2.3 billion. This means that Russia won the election for Trump by spending 1/10,000 of what both campaigns spent. The US admitted to spending $5 billion in Ukraine alone to destabilize that country. How much do you think the CIA fronts of USAID and National Endowment for Democracy spent in Russia? Let’s not forget the Voice Of America’s budget. Yet, now Hillary wants to scream about Russian interference and foreign interference as Israeli Zionists through AIPAC buy off the entire US legislature of both parties and have their partisan control entire committees and departments. Why is it that AIPAC doesn’t have to filer as a foreign agent? The answer is: Because it wields so much influence in Washington it has managed to get itself exempted from our laws because it bought off our politicians and has its partisan in influential positions in the FBI, CIA, State Department, DHS, White House, US intelligence committees and armed services committees. If you want to find foreign influence in US politics, one need look no further than the fact that our legislature invited and allowed a lunatic like Netanyahu to usurp Obama’s foreign policy in front of the entire world.

As far as Russia buying Facebook ads, we must remember that we live in an open society. If Russia wants to buy Facebook ads, why should a free society worry about being told the truth about it politicians? Have we become so sovietized that we now have to fear that Russia telling us the truth about Hillary Clinton and the DNC will destroy our democracy? How bizarre that the USG is worried not that Russia lied to us, but that Russia hacked the DNC to give the unaltered emails to Wikileaks who then supposedly gave them to Trump so as to subvert the US election process by telling people the truth. Truth does not become less untrue because Putin or Assange exposed it. The DNC position is one of indignation that anyone should be allowed to know the truth about it.  One wonders how many Facebook ads were posted by those who are here illegally in this country.  I bet you will never hear Democrats whine about how illegal immigrants and their families helped Hillary’s vote total.  There were illegal aliens leading protests against Trump.  How many votes did that influence?

The entire MSM falsely reported that Trump Jr. received the DNC emails 10 days before they were posted by Assange on Wikileaks and somehow this amounted to Russian collusion and treason. It was later discovered that the MSM as a whole purposely misreported a lie. Glenn Greenwald exposed this lie here on the Intercept and exposed the entire MSM plot in his article here titled, “The US Media Suffered Its Most Humiliating Debacle In Ages and Now Refuses All Transparency over What Happened.” The extent of the collusion by the MSM to spread this lie was thoroughly documented by Greenwald, himself a famous progressive Democrat and media reformer.  Here he takes on the MSM, including Fox News.

While the MSM tries to push the narrative that the political pressure upon Mueller is nothing more than Trump and Fox News pushback, the actual fact is that former FBI and DOJ Deputy Directors and other retired former high ranking officials, and even more importantly various chairmen of congressional and senate committees, are all are calling for prosecutions of Clinton, Lynch, Comey, McCabe, Strzok and Ohr.

Tablet Magazine stated: “To date the investigation into the Fusion GPS-manufactured collusion scandal has focused largely on the firm itself, its allies in the press, as well as contacts in the Department of Justice and FBI,” Tablet said. “However, if a sitting president used the instruments of state, including the intelligence community, to disseminate and legitimize a piece of paid opposition research in order to first obtain warrants to spy on the other party’s campaign, and then to de-legitimize the results of an election once the other party’s candidate won, we’re looking at a scandal that dwarfs Watergate – a story not about a bad man in the White House, but about the subversion of key security institutions that are charged with protecting core elements of our democratic process while operating largely in the shadows.”  The fact that such news is now hitting a tipping point, we may soon see heads roll and indictments fly.

Out of desperation, the MSM is attempting to provoke Trump into firing Mueller with threats of resistance should he engage in such an act. However, Trump is now content to watch these Clinton partisans destroy themselves and play their fiddles as all of Rome burns. The lies required pronouncements and support from all of Hillary’s minions, the deep state and the MSM, but it is appearing that truth can stand on its own and this terrifies Clinton and her supporters more than Russian ICBMs and ISIS jihadists wielding machetes.

I have finally concluded that Trump is guilty…..of destroying Hillary’s crime syndicate, the deep state, the globalists’ agenda, entitled NFL players, and a corrupt mainstream media in on fell swoop. This is a guy Mr. Metrosexual Obama called weak. What an interesting time in which we live!


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  1. I’m just hoping all of these kind of revelations will finally get the masses to see the evil in a lot of our gov’t so we can start making some progress to return our country to the people.

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