Megyn Kelly Announces …“Will No Longer Use Preferred Pronouns”…

Megyn Kelly Announces …“Will No Longer Use Preferred Pronouns”…

By: Joseph M. Lenard

Megyn Kelly announces that she will “no longer use preferred pronouns” in a recently released video… That’s great, let me expound on the thoughts/situation…

Let me say right-up-front, I did NOT watch the video, and I have no intention of watching the video; probably should have said that after embed of video so you won’t be discouraged from seeing the video yourself, and those of you that then do watch the video can perhaps comment – if I really missed anything of value? (LOL).

VIDEO (16m 21s): Listen-up as – Megyn Kelly explains why she will no longer use preferred-pronouns. 

My first, only, reaction, and why I have zero interest in her comments about this now is the line “will NO LONGER use preferred pronouns” title of the video. Many of us saw the stupidity of it all from the start and never started using “preferred pronouns” (with, I admit, on some “rare occasions” I grant the “leeway” and “exceptions” (any/every Rule, can and often does call for occasional exceptions) as like in the episode we did on Savaged Unfiltered Podcast (creator Michael Gardner graciously been allowing me to co-host for now one year plus) with “trans-woman” term (yes, in quotes, on purpose, and that is the point to use the “commonly used term” NOT that I agree, but) LAVONNE DUPONT episode (a Trump supporter, not all in LGBTQ community is a mindless Leftist on all things) because to have a discussion one has to engage in COMMON TERMS/LANGUAGE (as eluded, not implicitly mentioned, in: Twisting/Warping Language part-1 / part-2 here on The Liberty Beacon) to have a reasoned, logical, common-sense, back-and-forth communication; as well as during the WHY BUDWEISER episode (when/where referring to Blair White and Lavonne Dupont, but NOT DYLAN and HIS silliness).

NOW, let-me-be-fair (something Leftists never are, and recognize; as I often say, and therefore repeat; CONTEXT matters) and say perhaps Megyn may have been “using the exception context” too and now is going to a hard I WILL NEVER AGAIN stance, regardless, whatever, I’m obviously just piggy-backing off that video as an opportunity to make the points I want NOT HERS! LOL

And regarding language/words/verbiage (and issues sometimes regarding context): We, well at least let me say for sure “I,” always call out the Left for Twisting/warping language (see part-1 / part-2 here on The Liberty Beacon) and therefore I if now WE need to be careful in our use of language, verbiage, terms, etc…

VIDEO (50m 06s): Savaged Unfiltered S4 • E439: Why, Budweiser??:

The Savaged Unfiltered gang talked ALL THINGS DYLAN!! No, not Bob Dylan and Music, that Hepburn Impersonator wanna-be one and Beer (specifically Bud Light) and their major flop pandering to less than 1/10th of 1% of America move that cost Budweiser Billions in Corporate value (The BUD LIGHT Collapse: How ESG cost both DISNEY and ANHEUSER-BUSCH their customers). Which they now quickly released a new “BUT WE’RE REALLY ALL ABOUT AMERICAN VALUES” Ad (see Ad here) not exactly similar to the old/popular “Real American Heroes/Genius” (fun) Ads they had great traction with, instead trying to tie to “Baseball, the great American Sport” and the old “Baseball, Hot-Dogs, Apple-Pie, and Chevrolet” Ad success of old (and the morons at GM refuse to bring back, cuz they are about GLOBALISM now, can’t have Patriotic Ads). The trouble, MLB especially, but most major US Sports Leagues have also already harmed their Brands and losing dollars for WOKE knee-bending (and several within those Leagues push back (like NHL Philly Flyers #9 (Provorov, not coincidentally AN IMMIGRANT, tired of Cultural Marxism being Russian Born) just 4 months ago)). Unlike Toronto Blue Jays player Anthony Bass who showed his lack of conviction and spine; but really most likely caved to protect his paycheck (as they likely threatened to send him down to minors if he doesn’t “read the front-office approved CAVE speech.

Is Bud’s (and any, all?, of the others’) Brand(s) damaged beyond all repair (FUBAR)?? Hear the Good (well, there is no good), the Bad, and the Ugly, of it all in that episode (video above)!! And, of course, ADIDAS and North Face decide to join the ranks of REFUSE TO LEARN moronic Advertisers and “appears WOKEtards in the Boardroom’s far more interested in chasing ESG pennies, while dollars flood down their drains. ESG = MoronInvesting.”

VIDEO (1h 03m 11s): Savaged Unfiltered S4 • E402: Transgender’s supporting Trump (Guest Lavonne Dupont):

The #JoeBiDUMB admin… Who could ask for more/better?!?!? #FASCICRATS equals  #TYRANNYandTRANNYs (yet another brilliant hashtag I created/coined, if I do say so myself and I just did LOL). You can see several other of my “brilliant” (hey, if I don’t pat myself on the back, who will?) phrases/tags/lines (and more to come) along with the/my #BetterDeadThanWoke phrase (that my older friends recognize as a play off the old Cold-War #BetterDeadThanRed phrase and very much meaning “better actually deceased than moron WOKE un-dead Zombie”) and more wear at SavagedArmy site.

The #BetterDeadThanWoke, and other, gear perfect for wearing into Target, Kohl’s, elsewhere, to wander about the Stores in to make your stance/message seen while (Passive Aggressive protesting, non-violent, as their “claims” about “threats” are probably just Leftist propaganda (or indeed coming from the Left for many Stores back peddling a degree from the absolutely in-our-faces (see Forgiato Blow Music Video) of it right-up-front in them (see “Officer Tatum” reaction))) moving things from one aisle to another. Not to be malicious, but to help keep the local employees employed to have to “set the Store straight again” (yes, “straight,” pun intended). The goal is to hurt the Corporation, but not friends, neighbors, that may be working there and needing that paycheck – and we don’t want their drop in Sales to potentially cause them to become a lay-off target (yep, pun intended again).

At least protecting local employees as best we can, as long as we can, but indeed eventually (and therefore if you or someone you know works at one of the boycotts aim Stores – LOOK FOR A DIFFERENT JOB NOW, as) Stores will eventually if/when Sales Revenue projections keep falling some will be Closed. Wear something (like discussed elsewhere) to MAKE OUR POINT PEACEFULLY around their Stores. Yes, do not buy there, but doesn’t mean if you have 15 minutes you can walk around their aisles and mock them as “Prime Time Stein” does wearing a Target “tuck-friendly” swimsuit around their own Store.

Keep up the pressure On ALL Budweiser products On TARGET retailer and on and on and on the list keeps growing (see the RETALK “Woke Companies to Boycott” Community ( )) Remember, there are now TWO PLACES to find PATRIOT COMPANIES/MATERIALS to BUYcott instead… Mammoth Nation and AlignUs App.

Lastly, since we have mentioned Dylan [Failed To] Mull [Anything Over-Just Loves The Leftist Attention] vany: did you hear the latest about idiot Dylan?!?!? Now HE did a TikTok (No, not going to bother to link or embed it) saying he told his parents “He is interested in WOMEN!” So, he, it, whatever, IS A LESBIAN NOW??? I mean SERIOUSLY, if this doesn’t tell HIS PARENTS that their Child is MENTALLY ILL and in desperate need of Psychological intervention – nothing ever will. This IDIOT is dangerously confused, delusional, and may be finally SUBCONSCIOUSLY CRYING FOR HELP and they STILL IGNORE HIS NEEDS!

VIDEO (47m 18s): Roger and I discuss WOKEism manure and more on EPI TOWN CRIER: When Yesterdays Insanity Becomes Today’s Sanity:

All gave some, some gave allhonoring fallen beyond one “Memorial” weekend – for me to be able to freely post this, and you to read it without threat of FASCICRATS beating in your door for (Orwell style) WRONG-THINK (at least, SO FAR, for many/most (some illegally, improperly, held as Political Prisoners on trumped up charges that is happening already) sadly many refuse to do even the bare-minimum to preserve our Freedoms/Republic so many fought and died for). Remember those Fighting, fought, or died in Service to our great Nation.


Image Credit: Graphic (microphone modified) in featured image (top) – “Megyn Kelly – Caricature” by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)
author: Terror Strikes (buy)
Former 12CDRC, Wayne12, WCRC, Committees member
W12 Newsletter Editor Wayne-12CDRC Newsletter
MI 12th CDRC Webmaster
Taylor (MI) Republicans Club TRC Michigan Webmaster
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2 Comments on Megyn Kelly Announces …“Will No Longer Use Preferred Pronouns”…

  1. The fact that she ever used them at all is only an indication of intellectual anemia. Trans is a mental disorder influenced by demonic spirits and can only be resolved through spiritual recovery by means of God’s Word of Truth.

  2. Hope my Friends will start adopting the #BetterDeadThanWoke phrase/tag I developed. Obviously a play on the Better Dead Than Red phrase from the Cold War days and also a play on literally better deceased than an undead zombie WOKE Snowflake! I wear one of the #BetterDeadThanWoke Shirts from my phrase/tag designs (several from me at Savaged Army shop (as most you know I co-host the Savaged Unfiltered Podcast (couple of the Shows embedded in this article that relate) that I gave to/for the Show for Merch (and Mike added a “Man, Myth, Legend” one with my picture on it since we’ve joked about such during the Show several times to piss off Snowflakes)) and as you would likely imagine it garners some death-stares but alot of folks walk up to ask where to get the wear as it is a great STATEMENT MAKER!

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