Transpicuous News Special: The Hillary Question

Transpicuous News Special: The Hillary Question

“This mess is so big, so deep and so tall, there is no way to pick it up, no way at all”

At least not without some help.

Welcome to a very special edition of Transpicuous News. I’ve brought in a few brilliant people to help us wade through this shit storm of the most epic proportions. ….  The very depth of this deception, the vastness of what is encompassed within this unbelievable mass of corruption…. yes , this mess is so big, so deep and so tall……Of course I’m talking about Hillary Clinton, and what has become the most glaring example of corruption and fraud that the American Political circus has ever witnessed.

Joining me for “The Hillary Question” are my special guests:

Randy Maugins from Off Planet Radio

Roger Landry from The Liberty Beacon

Dr. Blair Reich PhD aka Aggroed on Steemit and YouTube

In this Special Report, we sit down for over two hours, and dig into the current and historical back ground of Hillary Clinton, rooting through the vast amount of corruption and chaos that has followed Hillary for decades.  We dig into the “medical” issues, take a detailed look at the body doubles and “green screen” holographic image of the woman who may, or may not, be Hillary Clinton.  We delve deep into the “Security Clearance” question, with a professional analysis of exactly what “ORCON” is, and just how high that security clearance actually goes …  leading to the question:

How the Hell can this woman be running for the Oval Office?!

The Empire is Falling …

The Liberty Beacon:

Off Planet Radio:

Dr. Blair Reich:

The Hillary Clinton Guessing Game:  Can you find Hillary?

MEDICAL CONJECTURE- Secretary Clinton likely has late stage Syphilis

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  1. What is simply amazing is that one half of the American people have bought into HRC and gleefully support this fraud.

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