Turn the Other Cheek

 Commentary/Satire by Bill the Butcher

If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. Do not resist an evil person. If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.

The very essence of Christianity. Cast your bread upon the water and you’ll get back a sandwich. Cover bad people with love and Ted Bundy will become Mahatma Gandhi. And when these polka dots and pink shoelaces evaporate like cotton candy in your mouth just bless your enemies and you get to go to heaven.

Anyone with any common sense will follow the path of least resistance. Why climb over a mountain when there is a path around it? And there are leaders and followers. A lot of people don’t want to be the supervisor. Some just want to do the job right, let the boss take the credit, and go home at five. In the final analysis the grave remains the same, and in two thousand years they scatter your bones on a table and try to figure out if you were a boy or a girl.

But was Jesus wrong? No! As fellow shaved apes we must strive for civility. The act of walking away is important. When someone expresses excessive anger what are they really trying to do? Win an argument? The anger, in and by itself is a sign that the debate is over. One, or both sides have pulled back and given in to loud talk and threats, actual or implied. It’s all about control. Jesus also tells us when you do decide to call it a day leave the vicinity both mentally and physically. Shake the dust from your sandals, or Justin Ropers or pumps, but shake it and forsake it.

This is why you should always avoid religious or political arguments. Just look at it. If someone has had cancer and survived and you end up with the same cancer you are damn sure gonna want to hear how they did it! You’re gonna hang on every word. If they say they ate horse crap you’re gonna grab a fork and head for the barn. Whereas subjects such as politics are primarily theoretical. A candidate expounds what he or she would do if elected and it remains to be seen what they will do. And did it work? It can take years to figure that one out if ever.

And religion? From the “Holy” Qu’ran to the Book of Mormon, all interpretations are subjective. And every religion has the absolute truth irrespective of any other concept. My invisible guy in the sky can whip your invisible guy in the sky. What does this say to the individual doing the reading? Do you tattoo the word “thief” on a shoplifter’s hand or chop it off. Adultery? Death or a scarlet letter?

One is going to experience inconvenience in associations in life. You will meet people who just plain suck. You may even like the results they deliver but you really don’t run in their circles. They have associations or actions that you are uncomfortable with, but you do like the results they get while in office, or formulating a prognosis or just giving you advice in general. Like I used to hear during my formative years in Shreveport, you wouldn’t want them to marry your sister.

I agreed, and still agree with Donald Trump’s politics and ideas. As a Texan I’m very aware of the border crisis, know that Mainstream Media will lie like a Persian Rug if they can sell it to you, and Trump has most likely done some things he didn’t write mother about. Has he manipulated money? Am I a white boy from Austin? But is he the devil, and moreover will his winning a second term signal the end of democracy?” That’s the go to threat these days. It’s the end of democracy! First of all, we are not a democracy. We are a democratic republic, if we can keep it. And of late it’s been slipping between our fingers. Sound bites have replaced sound logic. “Ask not what your country can do for you, as what you can do for your country” is now “Where is my stimulus check!” The word “selfless” has been removed from the language.

Did anyone find any legislation Trump approved while in office to be illegal. Did he have anyone break into any offices? Did he have any girlfriends hanging around the White House? Kennedy did! Oh, sorry, Saint Kennedy! So what’s the beef. Make America Great Again! Only in a bizzaro world could such a mantra be considered unAmerican. So what did he do? He paid off a whore! Don’t run! Don’t run! What do you think she was? And she was a “credible” witness along with a credible lawyer who did time for lying under oath. Now I’m not saying Don didn’t tap that, what I’m saying is “what did that have to do with anything?”

OK, he overstated the value of some property. All real estate brokers do that. The value of a property is what you can sell it for. A two-bedroom house in Arkansas can be worth $100,000. What if Hemingway wrote part of a book while staying there with a friend. The loans were secured by the banks and were paid off. According to Texas law you shouldn’t commingle funds. I don’t know of one broker who hasn’t. And Trump is right. The judge was not qualified to know that.

No! The order of business was to put Trump out of business. Because his enemies knew that if he secured a second term, he’d correct his mistakes that he made the first time and drain the swamp. Job one was to keep Donald Trump out of the job. So they got their conviction. All unanimous on all thirty-four counts. The BTK serial killer wasn’t convicted on all counts. O.J. Wasn’t convicted on any count. But Lady Justice is blind. And stupid! Or biased! When he says the last election was rigged the MSM injects the words falsely claimed. Donald Trump falsely claimed that . . . Do you really think every vote was accurately counted? If you believe that have I got a bridge for you and it’s on sale. The price? The fate of your country. Don’t worry about me! I’m a Texan and we’re succeeding. They already slapped our cheek, so in obedience to the advice of Jesus it’s only fair that we turn the other cheek, so they can kiss it!




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